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CMS Auto & Air provides factory trained technicians available for field service and workshop repairs.

  • Mobile and workshop repairs to access and construction equipment.
  • Workshop service and repairs for vehicles and trucks
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual EWP inspections
  • Major 10yr EWP inspections on EWPs
  • Annual and major telehandler inspections
  • Vehicle service and repairs
  • Air conditioning and auto electrical repairs
  • Donaldson Filters Agent
  • Hi-Tec Oils Agent
  • Welding and fabiraction
  • High tensile welding to cutting edges 
  • Hydraulic repairs - valve banks, control valves, hydraulic cylinders, drive units and pumps

Our technicians are trained on a full range of boom lift and scissor lift repairs and cover Genie, JLG, Haulotte, Snorkel and Skyjack. We carry programme controls and a range of parts to help keep your downtime to a minimum.

CMS offer full overhaul and recertification to all model elevated work platforms and telehandlers and offer 90 day inspections, annual inspections and 10yr major inspections to your access and telehandler fleet.  All work is carried out as per the manufacturers requirments and complies to the relevant Australian Standards.

CMS Auto & Air operate from Miles as autorised Repco Service Agents.  We cater for vehciles, trucks and machinery and cover the Western Downs, Surat Basin and Maranoa regions.

Information for owners of elevating work platforms (EWPs)

Australian Standard AS2550.10-2006 states:



Routine inspection and maintenance shall be based upon the working environment, the frequency and severity of use, while the MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) is in service. The inspection shall be carried out at no more than three-monthly intervals unless the MEWP is not in-service.


A program of periodic inspection shall be carried out.  The frequency of periodic inspection shall be based on the working environment and the frequency and severity of use of the MEWP.  For all MEWP’s that remain in-service, the inspection interval shall not exceed 12 months.


After the first 5 years of service, and every 5 years thereafter, periodic inspections shall be structured to ensure all critical components are inspected, and tested where appropriate within a 5-year period.  The scheduling of components for inspection and testing shall be based on the MEWP’s operational history and anticipated future usage, and the criticality and condition of the component. The schedule shall be recorded and updated when altered.

Inspection of the critical components may be deferred till the end of the 5th year of the program, in which case the MEWP shall be subjected to a major inspection.

The sequence of inspection may be altered based on the MEWP’s usage, providing all critical components are inspected in the 5-year period.


The following categories of MEWP’s shall be subjected to a major inspection and associated maintenance:

1. MEWP’s where the enhanced periodic inspection regime has not been carried out and the MEWP have been in use for a period of ten years

2. MEWP’s that are to be re-commissioned or imported, and that do not have previous continuous working records and maintenance records as specified in AS2550.10-2006 clause 6.6

3. MEWP’s subjected to a 10 year major inspection and have experienced 5 years subsequent use.

The major inspection shall involve examination of those critical components identified by the manufacturer or a competent person.  Where necessary, the MEWP shall be stripped down and paint, grease, and corrosion removed from critical components to allow a complete and thorough inspection.


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